Looking out from the top of Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station while speaking about Foreign Workers and Asylum Seekers in Israel
Sailing across the Kinneret during our Rafsodia program
Exploring the life of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, his assassination and the state of Democracy in Israel using our mobile exhibition
At Migdal Shalom on our Birth of Tel Aviv tour asking ourselves what did it mean to be a leader in the Yishuv and what does it means for us to be a leader today
Carrying our "rafsoda" down to the water on our Rafsodia program
What are the challenges in living in a Jewish State that has non-Jewish citizens? Tackling these questions and more on our Kium Meshutaf (Beyond Coexistence) program

About Hechalutz

Hechalutz is a non-profit educational center dedicated to teaching Cultural Judaism and Zionism to Diaspora Jews. Hechalutz operates within the framework of HaMeorer – The Center for Alternative Education. We aim to connect Diaspora Jewry to Israel as the center and National Home of the Jewish People by educating towards the timeless Zionist ideals of self-determination, collective and personal responsibility, democracy, and justice; the values Israel was founded on and continues to strive to embody. To this end we run experiential educational activities, based on the present Israeli reality, for Diaspora Jews in the spirit of the Chalutzim (the early Zionist Pioneers).

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