Learning about the life and times of Yitzhak Rabin with the Ohel Zachor exhibit
Learning about asylum seekers in South Tel Aviv
Sailing across the Kinneret on Rafsodia
Discussing coexistence in our Kium Meshutaf (shared existence) workshop
On tiyul (hiking trip) in the Negev desert
Carrying our raft down to the Kinneret
Discussing the establishment of Tel Aviv, the world's first Hebrew city

About HaMeorer

Established in 1996, HaMeorer is an educational center for informal education activities that aims to strengthen the spirit of Zionism in Israeli society. HaMeorer is comprised of several hundred educators, spread out across the whole country, who are engaged in a variety of educational encounters with all sectors of Israeli society: high school and college students, policemen and soldiers, teachers, principals and many more. HaMeorer activities – including seminars, trips, theatrical plays, lectures, tours and more – engage with a wide range of contents that make up and explore the identity of Israelis: Zionism, social justice, democracy, Judaism, the Holocaust, shared existence and more. HaMeorer guides are members of the "Dror Israel" movement, a movement aimed to better Israeli society through education.

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