Discussing the establishment of Tel Aviv, the world's first Hebrew city
On tiyul (hiking trip) in the Negev desert
Learning about asylum seekers in South Tel Aviv
Carrying our raft down to the Kinneret
Discussing coexistence in our Kium Meshutaf (shared existence) workshop
Learning about the life and times of Yitzhak Rabin with the Ohel Zachor exhibit
Sailing across the Kinneret on Rafsodia

Our Programs

Our staff of youth movement alumni from Israel and the Diaspora embody the unique characteristics of youth movement leadership.  Using our skills in informal education techniques and group building, our programs move beyond being just a facilitator of content to being an educational experience.  We regularly engage with issues in Israeli society and the Jewish world in order to constantly be learning and building new programs for participants in an effort to create the best educational experience for your group. 

Our programs come in the form of lectures, tours, workshops, day-long seminars, Shabbat seminars and courses and stem from the themes listed below.  Our workshops and seminars include a tour aspect in order to provide a tangible side to the content we are talking about - an invaluable educational tool.  If you are interested in partnering with Hechalutz to run your entire trip, please contact us.

Click on a theme to learn more about it and to see example programs: 

Kium Meshutaf
Explore what it means to be a minority in Israel as well as relations between Arab and Jewish Israelis in an attempt to promote the practice of an equal and peaceful existence for all Israelis.
Democracy in Israel
Looking at the fragile yet essential democracy in Israel and the threats it experiences on a daily basis. This content centers on exploring the life of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his assassination.
In the tradition of outdoor youth activity in Israel, we are proud to oer the Rafsodia program to groups of Diaspora youth. Based at Lake Kinneret, your group will build their own raft and sail across the Kinneret in a group bonding activity like no other.
Holocaust and Heroism
Hechalutz's Poland Journey is an educational investigation into the Holocaust, and simultaneously into the nature of Humanity and the role of Jewish Youth. Come join us on a meaningful exploration of the Holocaust and the role of youth movements within it.
Hechalutz Tiyulim
An appreciation and understanding of Israel's great landscape and natural resources is central to Israeli culture and her education system. We believe that those who visit Israel should also develop a deep connection to the land. As such we are committed to providing a positive hiking and camping experience to anyone looking for an adventure in the Israeli outdoors.
Chalutzic Judaism
The years of the Chalutzim (early Zionist pioneers)saw the creation of a vibrant Judaism born out of the desire to remember our past and build towards the future. Join us in the continuation of this tradition and in our exploration of Chalutzic Judaism.
Social Justice in Israeli Society
Participants will get to know this complex and unique society and its ethnic, economic, social and political diversity, while always keeping in mind the vision of the early Zionists who dreamed of a just and democratic society. What is needed of us for this dream to come true?
The Kibbutz Idea
Follow the story of this unique and amazing creation of Zionism: the Kibbutz. Learn about the place of young ideological communities in the creation and bettering of Israel over the past 100 years and the new model for community based social action that it has evolved into.
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